Roger L. Simon

Fear, Loathing, and the Secret Service on the Campaign Trail

I arrived late for a Hillary get-out-the-vote event at a Concord middle school (yes, another one — everything electoral seems to happen in middle schools these days) and was kept out by a pompous [fill in the blank] from the Secret Service. These guys don’t have a great reputation lately and you can see why. (Or maybe they were afraid Hillary would yell at them. Her Majesty is said to berate her Secret Service detail.)

You would think they wouldn’t be in such a hurry to shut the doors on Hillary events, considering she’s trailing Bernie by 30% in New Hampshire polls. Maybe she’s following in the tradition of that other Bernie (Madoff). In the Richard Dreyfuss TV film that aired last week it was made clear the hedge-fund mega-thief’s killer strategy was to make people think his fund was “closed.”


Anyway, as the above photo illustrates, I am cooling my heels before the debate at JD’s Tavern at the Radisson, media ground zero in Manchester. MSNBC has set up in the bar, the likes of E. J. Dionne spewing the usual liberal disinfo. Now Ben Carson is on. He’s unhappy with Ted Cruz sending out mailers suggesting the doctor was folding tent.

It’s easy to see why Carson would be annoyed — or worse. It was dirty pool, though it’s unclear the degree to which Cruz himself was involved. All of these guys have cutthroat thugs (aka “consultants”) working for them. For all I know, one of them’s looking over my shoulder as I type this on my iPhone. Or perhaps they’re monitoring Zeke Miller of Time, as he’s interviewed by MSNBC in the bar:


And speaking of Madoff-style exclusion, not far away, in another part of the Radisson, Bloomberg is holding an “Invitation Only” event.  Yours truly is evidently not part of the in-crowd.

More soon from the debate venue, Saint Anselm College.

As I seem to remember from college philosophy at another local school (Dartmouth), St. Anselm was the was fellow who came up with the ontological argument for the existence of God. Am I right? In any case, I don’t think that’s a question for Donald Trump.