Roger L. Simon

Trump Kills on SNL: What It Means


Does it mean anything in the presidential campaign that Donald Trump was a great host of Saturday Night Live, inevitably drawing big ratings?  Yes, it does.  And not just a little, a lot.  But don’t trust me, trust WWWBUKTN, whom I don’t know from a hole in the wall, but who posted the following on YouTube under a video of Trump dancing to Drake’s Hotline Bling on SNL:

Trump just killing it as usual. Living in Chicago my whole life I always viewed Trump as some blowhard East Coast clown. I never watched his shows as I think reality television is a joke. All that said I hope he wins it all just so I can see him send out Tweets explaining to the public why a member of the House or Senate voted the way they did not supporting their constituents but the special interest groups that own them. More importantly I can’t wait to see him do the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in Washington as he just kills it live. Have away, do you really want another Clinton, Bush or other clown who’s tied to this or that donor or a guy you know who’s ego alone will drive him to do what’s actually best for our country. I’m not a political shill, just somebody who’s sick of watching the same bullshit (Republican and Democrat) election in and election out with the same results.

Me too, WWW…. And I can tell you why.  America is in a deep psychological depression as never in our lifetimes. It’s not just our static economy. It’s everything and everywhere. The whole world is going to pieces,  and our country, the supposed global leader, has this creepy ideologue as president who is not only pompous and boring but doesn’t have a clue how to react to what is going on except to send a measly fifty, count ’em, fifty, special forces troops to Syria. (Hope they don’t go the way of our Benghazi boys.)

Imagine what it would have been like in 1941 if Barack Obama had been president.  We’d be speaking German or Japanese.  You pick.

Now imagine Trump as president, same year.  Game on.

I think that tells you what you need to know about why Donald Trump is leading the pack for president. We need someone to lift us out of our depression before ISIS starts putting bombs on our planes, Iran starts launching missiles and Europe goes under Sharia law.  And it doesn’t hurt to have someone with charisma and, especially, humor, because, Lord knows, we need a few laughs.

And while I’m on this Trumpwagon today, I’d like to say a few words to my Latino friends.  I love you, but get over yourselves.  Neither Trump nor anybody else is sending twelve million of your brothers and sisters back to Guadalajara, Tegucigalpa or wherever. No one’s going to invest the time, energy and billions of dollars to do that. It would be a staggering enterprise that makes D-Day look like a slightly complicated afternoon of miniature golf.  It’s only happening in Ann Coulter’s perfervid imagination.  What will happen if Trump (or many other Republican candidates) is elected is that a secure border wall will be erected.  But that’s for your benefit too, assuming you want a job.  So stop being a victocrat.  Even Larry David knows Trump’s not a racist.  Larry wouldn’t have been on SNL with Donald if he believed that.

And now for my liberal buddies.  None of you says much these days, hunkering down and holding your noses, hoping Hillary will turn out not to be a two-faced lying sleaze desperately relying on her gender to get elected.  You’re dreaming. The fact that liberalism has ended up with her after eight years of Obama means something is wrong and not just to us wackos on the right.  It should be to you as well.  This country badly needs shaking up.  Perhaps we should all Think Donald.

ADDENDUM:  Even though he outdrew Hillary by 47%, I am aware that some say Trump’s appearance on SNL wasn’t that funny and the writing was mediocre. I agree that several of the sketches weren’t terrific. In my view the writing on SNL hasn’t been especially sharp since Belushi and Aykroyd, a rather long time. (See the fun photoshop of Trump as Jake Blues by the estimable Mr. Driscoll at the top.) But this is beside the point.  Trump’s charisma and presence is what, er, trumps.  That is the story.  (Oh, and another note to liberals and progressives.  You’re not the cool guys anymore.  That’s been over for a loooong time, even before Quentin Tarantino jumped a thousand sharks.)

(Artwork created using multiple images.)