What Trump Should Do


Far be it for me to give advice to Donald Trump.  The only towers I ever owned were built with an Erector Set.  But I have a simple (in fact obvious) idea of what he should do to both advance his campaign and make things better for America.  That’s his goal, isn’t it, making America great again?


Of the countless terrible things done by Barack Obama, among the very worst is the way he has helped destroy race relations in this country. Anyone paying the slightest attention knows the statistics on the drastic economic and social decline of our black communities during his administration. Obama has done nothing to improve this, only used it to exploit and increase racial enmity for his own power. The “Black Lives Matter” movement is but one sad and desperate manifestation of this toxic situation.

Much of the (admittedly more complex) Latino community has also not done well during the Obama administration, which has worked to divide them as an interest group in order to, as we all know, gain votes. The results are rarely good.

Time for The Donald to take this head on.   He should go into those communities and preach the gospel of the superiority of Trump-style free market capitalism to decades of liberal handouts, which have gone exactly nowhere. He should explain why his approach would bring jobs and prosperity to neighborhoods that have been impoverished for decades. It’s not complicated.  In places like Ferguson and Baltimore, they already know  the Great Society was a disaster.  It’s in front of their eyes.

The amount of attention Trump would get for this (as is almost always the case with The Donald) would be titanic. Sure, there’d be plenty of blowback (always is), but do you think Donald would handle the juvenile crackpots from “Black Lives Matter” like timorous Bernie Sanders or mega-stuffy Hillary?  He already gave Jorge Ramos what for.

As for the lackey media, how many of them ever go to Ferguson when there isn’t a riot?  Exactly none. But they sure would traipse along after Trump.  They’d follow him to the moon or even into the Congo in the midst of an unknown virus, if need be.  He’s the story these days.


Speaking of which,  I know this is harder than engaging in increasingly boring Twitter fights with Megyn Kelly, but the payoff would be vastly greater.  Trump might even want to tell something to the black community that many of us have wanted to say for a long time:  Enough of this separatism crap.  We’re all Americans, not African-Americans or Irish-Americans. Remember that quaint term “integration” from the sixties and seventies? What happened to that? Identity politics make you into a fool. It’s for reactionaries who never want things to change, who are out to screw you. That Sharpton guy doesn’t have your interests at heart.  He has his own.

Yes, there’s a confrontation I would relish:  The Donald versus The Rev Al.  And I have a strong suspicion who would come out the winner.

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