Roger L. Simon

Hillary Jumps on Pope's Climate Bandwagon

There’s no stopping Hillary Clinton when it comes to either outright lies or distortions of truth.  At 2PM on June 19, Our Lady of Chappaqua jumped on Pope Francis’ climate bandwagon with the following tweet…


Say what?  The neediest suffer most from climate change?  What horse hockey.  The poor suffer most from restrictions on their energy based on Climate Mythology that raises their bills.  That’s how they suffer most.

As for the Pope’s sadly morally narcissistic encyclical, where else but the indispensible Watts Up With That climate blog do you find the proper rejoinder? There, Dr. Tim Ball asks Is the Catholic Church Burned by the Sun Again, reminding us that we’ve all heard this song before:

Spanish-born American Philosopher George Santayana famously said, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” The recent Papal Encyclical announced the Catholic Church’s decision to join the scientific claims that humans are causing global warming and denounce climate scientists who oppose the claim. It came almost exactly 400 years after Galileo was denounced to the Roman Inquisition in the spring of 1615. The Catholic Church only acknowledged the errors of their actions, their last and most negative brush with science, when they forgave Galileo in 1992. Pope John Paul said labeling Galileo a heretic and confining him to life imprisonment was an error. It only took 377 years for the Church to catch up with reality. No doubt Galileo is delighted, assuming he made it to heaven.

Galileo supported the Copernican heliocentric view that put the Sun at the center of our Solar system. This contradicted the Church belief in the Ptolemaic geocentric view with the Earth at the center. He also challenged the Ptolemaic view that everything beyond the moon was perfect. Through his telescope, Galileo made and recorded the first observation of sunspots in 1610. It was heresy to claim the existence of these blemishes. Later, the sunspots became an important part of the research to determine natural causes of climate change.

Now history repeats itself because the latest conflict between science and the Church involves the Sun, or more accurately, exclusion of consideration of the Sun as the primary cause of climate change. The Vatican released the full Encyclical on Thursday, 18 June 2015.


Ball goes on and pretty much eviscerates the Pope’s “science.” Oh, well. Maybe Hillary should have referenced “Here Comes the Sun” in her debut (or was it second debut) speech the other day  rather than that mangled version of “Yesterday.”  But speaking of Our Lady of Chappaqua, in her great concern for the neediest, she seems to be having memory lapses lately. Let’s hope they’re temporary. But she’d better brush up on her science before the press asks her something serious about climate change – not that they ever do.  They’re not very up on it themselves. (I mean, if Al Gore got a D in geology, why should they bother?  It’s all a game, n’est-ce pas?)

But, as they say, it’s all in the details.  And speaking of that, take a look at Hillary’s tweet.  The supposedly tech-challenged Clinton, who never realized you could have two email address on one cellphone, was Twitter-savvy enough to know that you put that little dot (.) in front of your tweet so it will show to everyone and not get buried in a dialogue.

Hmmm… well, we’ll give her pass on that one. Doubtless Her Majesty doesn’t tweet for herself.  She’s not Michael Moore, after all.  She has staff for that.


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