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Hillary Clinton: America's Most Boring Public Speaker

Forget that she lies incessantly and stands for virtually nothing that’s discernible other than her own self-interest, Hillary Clinton is one of the most boring public speakers extant.  I have heard better speeches at high school, maybe even grammar school, graduations than HRC gave in New York Saturday in the second — or is it the third — debut speech of her campaign.


It was problem after problem, cliché after cliché until you couldn’t listen anymore.  Needless to say, there wasn’t a fresh idea. No new solutions to these problems on offer, only generalities. (In case you didn’t know it, she’s for equal pay for women and supports people with disabilities.)  This was a generic speech out of the last twenty years.  I kept wondering who were these automatons waving their flags in the audience.  Maybe they were worried about the high cost of Ambien. Elect Hillary and we won’t need a sleeping pill ever again.

She began by quoting FDR’s Four Freedoms but the only ringing phrases in the entire text came from Roosevelt — and of course he delivered them a hundred times better.

But best of all she nattered on about “secret unaccountable money that is distorting our elections.”  What a howler.  From the woman behind the Clinton Foundation?  Were we listening to Saturday Night Live or was it The Onion?

By the time she got to the inevitable discussion of her mother I was about done in, desperately multi-tasking on my computer. I have Hillary to thank for finally getting out a couple of overdue thank you notes.

The sad part is this.  Hillary well could get elected.  If that happens, America will have chosen someone that majority of its citizen correctly believe to be dishonest.  And that is before she takes office.  That more than anything may destroy the country we know.  We will have gone from George Washington and the cherry tree to Hilary Clinton and the thirty thousand erased emails. What is left of America’s moral standing in the world — and it isn’t much after Obama — will be in tatters.


A standard issue affair from the get go, this speech did nothing.

UPDATE: Media are reporting attendance to have been “moderate.”  The planned overflow area was empty.  Hey, it was a hot day.

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