GOP Candidates an Embarrassment of Riches

For all the hotheadedness you see online, the truth is the Republicans have an embarrassment of riches, many candidates hugely better than Hillary Clinton. That was driven home to me this morning when I interviewed, in succession, Dr. Ben Carson and Senator Marco Rubio. Anyone who does not think these are two impressive men are either rank partisans or sitting on a street corner in Boulder smoking some of Barry’s leftover choom.


And, yes, I know Ann Coulter has called Rubio “Chuck Schumer’s press secretary,” to which I say, “Oh, come on!”  I’ll have more to say about that later. I’m typing this on an iPhone at Joni Ernst’s Roast & Ride and am a little pressed. Also I’m on the bbq line.

I interviewed Carson, for whom there is surprising grass roots support around here, at Des Moines’ Farmers Market (video of interviews to come) and Rubio at a meet and greet in Ames where, a few months from now, their straw poll will be conducted, the first counting of actual semi-votes.

The actual Roast & Ride is pure Americana out of Norman Rockwell. Coming from LA it’s hard to believe it still exists. I’m glad it does. And so far no fried food – not that I would turn it down.

More to come after the speeches



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