American Tragedy: The Reality of a Hillary Clinton Presidency

Imagine if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency in 2016. What would it actually be like?

Roughly forty percent of the country will consider the incoming first-term president an extreme serial liar with a sense of entitlement the size of Australia. Another forty percent will think, yes, she may be dishonest, but all politicians are and we support her anyway. The middle twenty percent will be some muddle of the previous two views.


And this is before she is even inaugurated. And unlike with Obama, she will not ride the crest of being the first black (or mixed race) president. The whole “first woman” thing reeks of moral narcissism and grandiosity. Israel had its first woman prime minister decades ago (Golda Meir, 1969) as did the UK (Margaret Thatcher, 1979). Even benighted Pakistan elected Benazir Bhutto in 1988. It’s no big thing. In fact, the idea of electing Clinton because she is a woman is both sexist and insulting.

Yet that is undoubtedly the only reason that she would win.

What a monumentally depressing way to come into office in a country that is already divided as never in our time. The idea that Clinton could bring us together is not only illogical, it’s absurd.  “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow”? How about national hari-kari? How would this person begin to unravel the monstrous global situation left to her by Obama? It’s virtually impossible to comprehend.

And then her presidency begins. What if something untoward happens, if, for example, more information appears about the involvement of her husband and the unconscionable Jeffrey Epstein, purveyor of underage girls? The national distraction would be huge and endless.  Meanwhile, the Islamic State and its seemingly endless avatars will be functioning (how could it be otherwise?) and Iran (nonsensical deal signed or not) will be plotting how to expand its empire into Europe and South America while building its nuclear arsenal. Who knows what the Russians and the Chinese will be up to?


Western civilization? Forget it. We’ll be lost in endless cable news soap operas as described by Geraldo Rivera. And that will be the best of it.

Worth noting, too, is that by the time Hillary is in office we will have been subjected to a prodigious amount of rehashing of scandals, many of which we don’t know about yet. Some of those will have vast character implications, like the terror attack on U.S. government facilities in Benghazi, Libya. From what we already know of that scandal, Hillary and Obama were well aware within hours that this was an attack by al-Qaeda affiliate Ansar al-Islam and not caused by some amateurish video virtually no one saw. Still, Clinton assured Charles Woods — father of murdered Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods — only a couple of days later that they would “arrest” and “prosecute” the man responsible who made that video. She did this at Woods’ son’s own funeral.  What kind of human being actually does something like that?

I don’t know anybody personally who would, at least I hope I don’t. And I certainly hope that kind of person wouldn’t be president of the United States.

So as one who once was a Democrat, I implore the Democratic Party to do anything possible to avoid nominating Hillary Clinton. I say this not as someone who is desperate to see a Republican elected, although I would definitely prefer that. I say this first as an American concerned for our culture and civilization, no matter what party is in power. A Hillary Clinton presidency would place that in serious jeopardy. It may already be too late.



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