Roger L. Simon

A Landmark Court Victory over Terrorism in New York


While America’s Ditherer-in-Chief seems to be having difficulties fighting Islamic terrorism or even naming it, an American jury just had no such trouble in what should become a landmark case:

 A U.S. jury on Monday found the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority liable for supporting terrorist attacks in Israel more than a decade ago that killed dozens of Americans.

Jurors in Manhattan federal court awarded $218.5 million in damages to 10 American families who brought the case, a sum that is automatically tripled to $655.5 million under a 1992 U.S. anti-terrorism law, lawyers for the families said.

The PLO and PA are appealing, of course, and promising they won’t pay up, while concentrating on their own sleazy attempt to bring Israel before the International Criminal Court over Gaza, but there is no question this case opens a powerful new approach to dealing with terror organizations: bankrupt them.  Behind virtually every such organization from ISIS to Hamas is a leadership looking to get rich by exploiting their own people.  Putting them out of business wounds their bloody enterprise, perhaps fatally.

Although heard in a New York court, the case was championed by two Israeli lawyers, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner and her husband, Avi Leitner. These two extraordinary people, through their organization Shurat HaDin (the Israel Law Center), deserve all our support.  True heroes of our time, they are in the process of suing terror organizations throughout the world as well as the financial institutions that enable them, including the Bank of China.

This is their day.  Bravo, Nitsana and Avi.