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Letters to the Ayatollah: Obama's 'Keys to Paradise'


"You don't have to be Jewish to love Levy's" went the famous ad all over New York when I was in college.

Modern equivalent: "You don't have to be Jewish to know the president having secret correspondence with Ayatollah Khamenei is ....."

You fill in the blank.  Mine is  obscene and not suitable for a family website.

I admit I didn't much care for Barack Obama before the revelation that he had secretly written Khamenei to induce the Iranian supreme leader to sign a nuclear deal in return for U.S. help battling ISIS.  Now I despise our president.  He is contemptible.

Ayatollah Khamenei is a man who has been leading the massive chants of "Death to Israel" (and the Jews)  literally every day since 1979.  Only a true anti-Semite could attempt to make a secret deal with such a person.  Indeed, someone who would want to make a deal with Khamenei has about as much respect for human rights in general as Torquemada.  That person would have to be an unmitigated liar and sociopath.

And such a person is our president, so desperate for an Iran deal he will literally do or say anything, so desperate to find some salvation for his failing presidency he will put not only Israel but the whole world at risk. It's almost like a re-upped version of Dr. Strangelove with Peter Sellers as the ayatollah -- he would have been great -- and Obama himself riding the bomb at the end like Slim Pickens.  Bon voyage, Mitch McConnell.... Arrivederci, John Boehner….Hasta la vista, Tea Party.

Maybe Obama should go to Qom himself and anoint Khamenei's feet at the well of Jamkaran. That way the Mahdi (Shiite messiah) will come sooner and the rest of us can be quickly exterminated in the predicted apocalypse. No more Republicans or other vermin to block the Obama agenda. The ayatollah takes no prisoners (unless he puts them in Evin Prison, where he tortures them until they're -- mostly -- dead.)