Gaza Continued: What Do We Do About the UN?


Word came Tuesday that now a third UNRWA school in Gaza was housing rockets for Hamas. (How the missiles were never noticed before was unclear — maybe they were stacked beneath the erasers and paper clips or hidden under student spitballs.) From the Jerusalem Post:


Christopher Gunness, spokesman for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, did not name who was responsible for putting weapons in the school, but quickly criticized whoever was at fault.

Gunness added that a UN munitions expert was called in to dispose of the weapons, but could not get to the site due to fighting on the ground.

Further, is reporting:

This week, UNRWA supplies and building materials had been found in Hamas’s tunnel infrastructure, which has been used to smuggle weapons and carry out attacks on the State of Israel.

How’d that get there? More of that pesky teenage pilfering when teacher turned his back? Or was it something a bit more intentional? No wonder The Algemeiner is asking: Are UN Agencies Fighting for Human Rights or Supporting Terrorism? It notes:

None of this is new and seemed only to be surprising to UNRWA itself. The group has a long-documented history of terrorist ties, something UNRWA’s former Commissioner General Peter Hansen openly admitted in 2004 to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation stating, “I am sure that there are Hamas members on the UNRWA payroll … and I don’t see that as a crime.”


Mr. Hansen may not, but some of us may feel differently about a psychopathic terror organization on the UN payroll — a payroll which, by the way, is roughly 25 percent financed by the American public. ISIS has a right to complain. Why aren’t we financing them too? Aren’t they just as vicious as Hamas? Hamas may have murdered hundreds of their children building the terror tunnels, but hasn’t ISIS proved themselves by lopping off the heads of every Shiite they could find?

Never mind. Insanity rules and we’re all lying in the gutter.

Nevertheless, some time or other this war will end and the world will have to figure out what to do with what’s left of Gaza. The usual moral hypocrites, terrorist sympathizers and great humanitarians like Nancy Pelosi, who seems to think Hamas is a Levantine branch of the Salvation Army while mixing up Qatar with Denmark, will want to bring the UN back to pay its conventional “peacekeeping role.” That organization — whose real name should be the Fraternal Order for the Global Promotion of Anti-Semitism (FOGPAS) — would be better off — at least from the point of view of poetic justice — on the business end of an Israeli drone.

But failing that, they should be kept as far away as possible from the “peacekeeping role” anywhere in the world and, from we’ve learned in the past, any women between 12 and 64. The question is how.


I have been ridiculed by readers here for suggesting a congressional investigation. Everybody already knows how horrible the UN is, they say. The problem is those readers are wrong. Few know. Many Americans don’t even know who the vice president is. (Okay, maybe that shows good judgment.) But most people don’t like to be ripped off and we are all being ripped off by the UN — morally and financially. If this were made public — and one can only imagine what extraordinary UN treachery might be uncovered with a serious investigation of Gaza — there might be an outcry. Then again, there might not. But what else are we going to do? Sit back and let the UN collude yet again with another terror organization?

All of which is why these rockets are “suddenly” being discovered, for fear that Israel will uncover them first and embarrass the UN.

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