Roger L. Simon

Celebrity Divorce Notes: Detroit's Bankrupt, But Michael Moore's Just Fine


Entertainment sites like E! Online and Show Biz 411 were aflutter today with the news that filmmaker Michael Moore has filed for a divorce to end his 21-year marriage to Kathleen Glynn. Glynn was also a collaborator/producer on many of Moore’s films.

Roger Friedman at Show Biz 411 is especially saddened by this event. I can’t say I am. To me Moore is one of the most hypocritical people of our time, someone who has lied and distorted his way to a net worth of $50 million while the citizens of Detroit, one hour’s drive from his sainted Flint, survive under horrifying Third World conditions (40% of their traffic lights don’t work!) in a now bankrupt city.

Meanwhile, the supposedly working class Moore has hired a “powerful lawyer,” according to Friedman’s article, no doubt to protect his share of his gigantic fortune.

It will be interesting to see how Glynn deals with this. She undoubtedly has a lot of interesting things to say, if she decides to open up. Moore has a long history of two-facedness, going back to his early television days when he tried to prevent young writers working for him from joining the Writers Guild. (Imagine that — the great progressive is anti-union.)

Indeed, Moore has always been the true face of contemporary progressivism, a meticulously constructed lie to the self and others, writ large. You are what you say you are, even if your actions are in complete contradiction to it. It is the politics of self-congratulation and Moore was, maybe still is, a master of it. This self-deceiving posturing may be conscious or unconscious or both, but it comes down to politics as a guilt-free get rich quick scheme cum power grab. Never mind the facts.

This emerges in Moore’s films, all of which are filled with inconsistencies and prevarications that have been well-documented. Having visited Cuba myself, his “documentary” on their healthcare system was particularly absurd, not to mention hugely insulting to millions of Cubans suffering under totalitarianism.

Until recently, however, these deceptions didn’t seem to bother the public who flocked to his films. That has been changing in recent years and perhaps the divorce is related to this.

Moore, not surprisingly, is the one who has filed. No response thus far for Glynn.

In a world of serious issues like Benghazi and the IRS, I am embarrassed to say I am fascinated by this, but I am. Perhaps, it is my little bit of schadenfreude.

Will the porcine Moore emerge shortly in the company of a much younger chickie? That would be a spectacle. Or is Glynn the one who destroyed the marriage? What’s John Edwards been doing lately?

We shall see — or we won’t.

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