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It's the Foreign Policy, and We Are Stupid

During his late, lamented campaign, Mitt Romney opined:

It’s the economy, and we’re not stupid.

Well, maybe. But the economy is a lot of people, millions of them actually, from the assembly line worker to the CEO, and has a surprising way of righting itself despite a plethora of bad policies. Capitalism is a mighty motor; economies rebound when you least expect them to.

Not so with foreign policy. It’s in the hands of one man -- the president.

Yes, Congress has the right to declare war, blah blah. History has shown us again and again who is really running the show on global matters. The president is dictating foreign policy usually before anybody outside his inner circle knows what is happening, and long before his adversaries can do much about it.

So while Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians are all revved-up about gun control, social issues, and even the economy, the real permanent damage is being done elsewhere.

Good-bye, Pax Americana. Hello to the era of Kerry, Hagel, and Brennan.

And when I say permanent damage, I mean it. You can always change gun laws (we have several times already). The social issues are largely determined by the culture, and as I noted above, the economy is only partially in the hands of the government.

What you can’t simply change is the nature of global forces, the power configuration of our planet. Since World War II, the world has survived and prospered to a remarkable degree under U.S. leadership. Nazism was defeated, followed by the downfall or reformation of equally murderous communist regimes.

Barack Obama’s deepest intention -- emotionally and ideologically -- is to change all that.

Forget objective reality. As Dinesh D’Souza demonstrated in his book and film, Obama’s psychological makeup -- his heart -- is influenced to a significant degree by a belief that America is a dangerous colonial power, that world leadership must be shared.

Yet “leading from behind” is a euphemism. There is no such leading.