Roger L. Simon

Benghazi: Help America Find the Truth BEFORE the Election

Details of the murderous terror attack on the Benghazi consulate/CIA safe house that took the lives of four U.S. citizens on September 11, 2012, are cloudy at best.

Despite the extraordinary nature of the event and its immense implications for the War on Terror and for U.S. foreign policy in general, most mainstream media outlets are devoting little or no attention to it.

Meanwhile, an election is being held on November 6 that is considered by many to be the most important in our lifetimes. Some are already voting. Yet the electorate remains largely in the blind on this key issue.

We further know there are a number of individuals out there who know the truth or part of the truth about what happened in Benghazi that night. Most probably those individuals work for the government (intelligence agencies, State Department, etc.) or the military and are not permitted to divulge this information in public.

We sympathize with them, their requirements, and their privacy. But we also suspect those people are feeling pangs of guilt when they see the father of one of our slain heroes on television, demanding to know the truth.

So toward that end PJ Media has established an email address [email protected] to receive hitherto unpublished information about the events in Libya on September 11. We will respect all confidences on this information and also pledge to our readers that we will not publish anything that we have not thoroughly vetted.

This email address is not for theories about what happened. Plenty of places exist on the Internet — including the comments section of this post — to write what you think may have happened. At [email protected] we are only interested in verifiable facts.

Our purpose is only the public’s right to know — before it votes — so we are not kicking ourselves in the shins three years later when it all comes out at a congressional hearing.

So remember, if you know something concrete, write us at [email protected]. We will respect your confidentiality and endeavor to uncover the truth.

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