Hurry, Hurry, Hurry: Last Chance for the Duranty Prize

The deadline for the first annual Walter Duranty Prize – for the most egregious example of dishonest reporting for the fiscal year 2011-2012 — is fast approaching. In fact, it’s this Saturday, June 30.


If you haven’t sent in your nomination, now is the time to do it at this link.

Walter Duranty, it will be recalled, was the New York Times Moscow correspondent who deliberately misreported Stalin’s mass forced starvation of the Ukrainians and won a Pulitzer Prize for his great work. The infamous Duranty was just about the most famous foreign correspondent of his time, the prototype for what many have come to loathe about the mainstream media.

The folks at PJ Media and The New Criterion thought he deserved to have a prize in his honor. So we started one. The winner will be announced at a ceremony in New York this Fall.


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