Shameless Self-Promotion

The world is going to the proverbial Hell in a hand basket. The economy is in free fall. Egypt is turning into Iran. An Ice Age is hitting Middle America, even if Al Gore says it just a sign of global warming.


But that doesn’t stop your humble scribe – RL Simon – from engaging in a little self-promotion.

The good folks at Encounter Books, including its director the redoubtable R. Kimball, have decided to reissue my memoir Blacklisting Myself in paperback form with the new title of TURNING RIGHT AT HOLLYWOOD AND VINE: THE PERILS OF COMING OUT CONSERVATIVE IN TINSELTOWN (Yes, that links directly to Amazon. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Just do it.)

Why did they change the title? Perhaps because the original subtitle contained the word “apostate” and too many talk show hosts were asking me: “What’s that mean?” But also this is a brand new edition with two new chapters for which Encounter Books paid an undisclosed amount. (Zero.-ed. Who asked you? No one. But I thought people might buy the book now out of pity.)

On top of this, I made the following promotional video with my Poliwood cohort Lionel Chetwynd. Now you have to buy the book. (Does that include all the Soros trolls on this blog?-ed. They especially. They owe me.)


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