Roger L. Simon

A Nightmare in POLIWOOD: The Best Scary Movies of All Time

Well, that “hed” is a bit hyperbolic, but, hey, Halloween is coming up, even before the election, and Lionel and I ask the question on our latest POLIWOOD: What are the best scary movies that do not star Barbara Boxer?

You may recognize the one at the left – NOSFERATU-  the mother of all vampire films, directed by that crazy genius F. W. Murnau.  The eerie German expressionist black & white makes it seem just as scary now as it did back in 1922, when the film was made.

People tell us they like it when we recommend obscure films – and some of the movies that scare us are, well, more or less obscure, like Claude Chabrol’s Le Boucher, Mizoguchi’s Ugetsu or The Rocking Horse Winner.  Others, like Hitchcock’s Vertigo, are obviously better known.  One thing is clear, neither Lionel nor I like or are in the slightest scared by the chainsaw/Nightmare on Em Street genre.

So have a look at the new POLIWOOD and let us know your thoughts and your scary favorites for Halloween. Put them below or at the comments at PJTV.  And if they don’t star Barbara Boxer, how about Harry Reid as Nosferatu?