Roger L. Simon

The White House Insider Should Really 'Come Out'

Considerable buzz is being created by a three-part series of Internet interviews with an alleged White House insider. These anonymous interviews on the NewsFlavor site attack Obama, Pelosi, and company as self-involved incompetents and describe the Democratic Party in general as being in serious disarray.

None of this is particularly groundbreaking — except the source, whose provenance I tend to believe, although I have not the slightest proof.

But that White House provenance is key.  I believe it simply on a gut basis and because what he or she says is now so obvious that even an “insider” would have to face and admit it, late to the party as he or she may be.  I mean who needs anyone at this point to tell us that Barack Obama is disconnected from the American people — or from his wife, for that matter?  It’s as plain as the proverbial nose on our face.  In fact, it was pretty plain long before he was elected president to anyone who cared to look.

Obviously a great many didn’t.  In our culture, indeed worldwide, people tend to get stuck (“reified” in fancy philosophical parlance) in one ideology or another until they actually become that view or ideology themselves and cease to be free individuals capable of critical thought.  The mainstream media are often that way — so unobservant they would have supported Mussolini himself if he had the right skin color and mouthed the proper platitudes.  Not that Barack Obama is Mussolini.  He’s too wimpy and depressed to make a good dictator.  Perhaps he should resign in favor of George Soros.

Sadly, this White House Insider, try as he or she may, still seems mired in this “reification.”  Not only does he (let’s assume a “he” for grammatical convenience) suffer from excessive  CIS — Clinton Idolatry Syndrome — he is still apparently more concerned for the health of the Democratic Party than he is for the health of our nation.

Otherwise, why hide behind this cloak of anonymity?

If you really want to make a difference, White House insider, tell us who you are.  I know — it’s difficult. There are job considerations, friendships, etc. and we are all cowards. It’s normal human behavior.  But “man up” or “woman up” or whatever and take the plunge.  It’s not so bad.  I can attest to it.  Almost a decade ago I came out quite publicly in disagreement with my former views — in Hollywood of all places — and I’m still here.  (Well, sort of.)

“Coming out” would give you authenticity and add strength to your words.  It’s also oddly liberating.  I’m sure you’ve heard the same thing from your gay friends who have “come out,” assuming you’re not one and know this for yourself.  The truth shall make you free and all that.

I will add something else.  You will find it’s great to be liberated from political parties.  They are not the be-all and end-all of anything.  They are only conveniences, groups that allow ideas to be ventilated at a certain point in time.  They will naturally outwear their usefulness as times and conditions change.  Nothing is permanent, certainly not the Democratic or Republican Party when either is promulgating shopworn ideologies.

For example, as a traditional Democrat, you remind us in your interview of your fealty to unions.  Excuse me if I say I don’t believe you.  No one intelligent enough to make the observations you do could fail to realize what a destructive force unions have become in recent years.  They are the root of pension systems that are well on the way to bankrupting our aging society, virtual Ponzi schemes that anyone with a junior high school math education could tell you do not compute.  Such a reactionary force must be confronted in the current era if you care about the well-being of our children.

You will note that I have used the traditional left-wing term “reactionary” to describe the left.  This is, of course, intentional and should have ramifications for you since you had the wisdom in your interview to attack the use of the word “progressive” as dangerous and self-destructive.  It is also, as you no doubt know, an Orwellian use of the English language.  This is something else you can liberate yourself from — the consistent verbal dishonesty being practiced in this era by liberal Democrats. It was a relief for me, I can assure you.

But you do have my sympathy if you do finally come out. Apostasy is not always fun. That’s another thing I can tell you from personal experience. But you can console yourself with this: you will only be an apostate from the Democratic Party. You won’t be, I am again assuming, an apostate from Islam. As we know, that’s a helluva lot worse.

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