Roger L. Simon

Media Matters: "Bear-Baiting" or "Race-Baiting"?

I am not the first to observe that it’s impossible to take a vacation in these wired times. And maybe I really don’t want to, running around my beloved Bainbridge Island with an iPad tucked under my arm, checking in every five minutes via a surprisingly good ATT connection, at least hereabouts, when I could be off doing something constructive, like paddle boating.

What’s happening with Bibi and Obama, LeBron and D-Wade, Christian Adams and Pajamas Media? Speaking of the latter, my vacation got interrupted Thursday morning – or I interrupted it, whichever way you want to view it – by the discovery that my good friends at Media Matters were accusing me of racism or “race-baiting” or something.

Well, not me personally, but Pajamas Media, the company of which I am CEO, and other “conservative” media outlets, so I guess that makes me an enabler of racism, if not fully a racist myself, or a racist once removed, like a cousin. Or, more precisely, in their words, a “race-baiter” once removed.

Given my past in the civil rights movement, even a couple of years ago, this would have set my teeth on edge, but this time I just laughed. What clowns. Don’t they have something better to do – or has Christian Adams gotten so deeply under their skins that they have to reach for the R-word? Can’t they be a little more imaginative? Never mind that the man has prosecuted dozens of civil rights cases in favor of African-Americans, Adams must be a racist (excuse me, a “race-baiter”) for drawing the line at (New) Black Panthers brandishing batons at polling booths. And I’m in there with him for publishing him. Me bad.

So it goes in these times of bear-baiting or race-baiting or something.

But wait a minute. Maybe they’re right. Maybe I am a racist. I was really ticked off when I heard LeBron signed with Miami and would be teaming with D-Wade and Bosh against Kobe and Pau. That’s three black guys against a black guy and a white guy. See what I mean? Not fair.

Well, maybe you don’t. I don’t either. It all seems silly to me. But ask Media Matters. They’ll explain it

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