Poliwood: "Not For Idiots Anymore: Why TV Is Now Better Than Movies"

Okay, so Lionel talked me into it. These days TV is better than the movies.  Well, most movies anyway… Okay, almost all movies.  On the new Poliwood we discuss what shows are good (we naturally disagree on some of this) and why TV is in the ascendancy.


Of course, next week we will contradict ourselves when we do a show on Toy Story 3 and why Pixar is the greatest of all movie studios.  Hey, consistency is the hobgoblin on small minds, filmmakers, etc.

Meanwhile, check in on the latest Poliwood – Not For Idiots Anymore:  Why TV is Now Better Than Movies.  For a veritable orgy of Poliwoods, go to our new Poliwood microsite .


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