Roger L. Simon

Lakers win, idiots riot

It was a tense game between Lakers and Celtics tonight, but ultimately not nearly as tense as the post-game scene on the streets of downtown L.A. As I type this on an iPad, I am watching the local news as a crowd of drunken fans, whacked-out homeless, and who-knows-what torch a cab after having harassed every person and automobile in the street with the LAPD nowhere in sight.

It was a scary scene — the kind of thing you associate with the Tottenham Hotspurs after a particularly bad football loss… only the Lakers won. What if they had lost? Would these people have sacked Boston?

The police finally arrived with reinforcements and things began to calm down, though not completely. As the great Lisa Leslie said on the TV, what are they doing destroying our city? Good question.

So about the finals. It was the kind of game in which everyone played bad… well, except Ron Artest. Kobe won the inevitable MVP, more for what he did in the other games of the series, although he did show up, as per usual, at the end. Ditto the man he refers to with great affection as The Spaniard. This duo has the potential to go down as one of the great pairings in the history of sport, if they win another two or three of these events, which they can if the stay healthy.

A final basketball note until I shut up on the subject until next year. I made the trek a bit early from El Segundo to my home in Hwood to get my game face on (i e., mix drinks) and was listening, as is my wont, to Hugh Hewitt on radio. Hugh, a paleo LeBron James fan, was going on about how he was rooting for the Celtics because they had to be the best. They had defeated LeBron’s Cavs, after all. Then he said, I am not a crazed Laker fan like my friend Roger Simon of Pajamas Media and PJTV.

Well, Hugh, thanks for the mention but…. Eat crow!

UPDATE: 37 arrested.

CORRECTION: Yes, it’s Tottenham HotspuR, not HotspurS. My bad. See reply to comment #4 below.

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