Roger L. Simon

Capo Obama: Hey, no toucha duh mullahs!

Well, it’s come down, Don Corleone. The capo di capi of the Chicago Mafia – Barack Obama – has let it be known to all of youz:  Keepa duh hands of duh mullahs.  No toucha Don Khamenei and dat Ahmadinejad guy.

Okay, you may have been misinformed.  You may have thought, you palooka, that just because the bums in the Security Council voted ’em sanctions it meant somethin’.  You was a dope from the neighborhood.  Accordin’ to the Los Angeles Family,

The Obama administration, which labored for months to impose tough new United Nations sanctions against Iran, now is pushing in the opposite direction against Congress as it crafts U.S. sanctions that the White House fears may go too far.

Administration officials have begun negotiations with congressional leaders, who are working on versions of House and Senate bills that would punish companies that sell refined petroleum products to Iran or help the country’s oil industry.

You shoulda known this because of the way the Chicago family treated them Democracy Demonstrators. Buncha hippies with no haircuts. No respec’ for their elders – and you know what happens to people with no respec’.

Okay, so this shouldn’t need no repeatin’, unless youz is really a palooka. No toucha duh mullahs! This UN stuff wuz all for show. Kinda like when Michael went up to testify in fronta the Senate.

So remember. Don’t be undercuttin’ the French cousins business – they got oil to sell. And keep the word from the Chicago Family. Don Rahm and the others. We’ll tell you what’s what. For your own health.