Obama's New Year's Iran Bot - Same Time Next Year

If it's Nowruz (Iran's new year), it must be an Obama-offer-for-dialogue. Every year at this time, our President seems to make a new offer of engagement with the mullahs on the nuclear issue, coupled with a "stern" warning of sanctions if they don't comply.

“We are working with the international community to hold the Iranian government accountable because they refuse to live up to their international obligations,” Mr. Obama said, according to excerpts of the video message released by the White House Friday evening.

Ayatollah Khamenei must be quaking in his boots. Those sanctions sure hit them hard last time. Never mind that Hillary Clinton got a diplomatic pie thrown unceremoniously in her face only about seven days ago by the Russians who informed her they are going to be finishing up their stalled Iranian reactor soon.

I guess that sanctions thing isn't working out so well. If you were to characterize the administration's Iran policy objectively, what would you call it? Idiotic? Brain dead? Non-existent?

Perhaps that's too harsh. I say they're secretly getting ready for Broadway with a new production of Bernard Slade's Same Time Next Year. You know the one about the couple, married to other people, who meet annually for a tryst. Coming soon: Barack Obama and Ayatollah Khamenei. .. Well, maybe Off-Broadway.