Roger L. Simon

POLIWOOD - Two (Very) Fading Jocks Watch the Olympics

What is it when guys of a certain age watch the Olympics? Assuming you’ve been waiting up for the answer to that one, you can find out on the new Poliwood – Poliwood Goes to the Olympics: Gold for Shaun White… Bob Costas, Not So Much.

Since we shot this episode, Bode Miller has won the Combined. As a one-time sorta skier, now a sorta sorta skier (I have been off the Cornice at Mammoth, but that was in another country), I watched Miller in the slalom in awe. How does he do that? Anyway, enjoy the Poliwood show. If you really like it, perhaps you will support the offer made by Lionel and me at the end – that we (and PJTV) replace Bob Costas (and NBC) for the 2014 games. Enough of those guys, don’t you agree?

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