Roger L. Simon

217 Democrats take suicide pact

Today the United States House of Representative voted to increase the national debt limit to $14,294,000,000,000 by a 217-212 vote. All the “ayes” were Democrats, even after the election of Scott Brown.

What’s going on here? Was this a mass act of seppuku? Or perhaps they are lemmings, taking the plunge ensemble off some Alaskan cliff. Yes, I know lemmings don’t really do that, but still… Don’t these people have children and grandchildren? Don’t they have a clue what they are doing? Or is this just to placate LaPelosa or some fat cat union boss making 700K a year? I have got bad news for them, keep up this way and it doesn’t matter what you’re making. We’re all going off that cliff together.

Whether or not you believe the authenticity of Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau’s quote of 1939 – “We are spending more money than we have ever spent before, and it does not work. After eight years we have just as much unemployment as when we started, and an enormous debt to boot” – the substance is true. The New Deal made the Depression worse – and we are doing it again, only with bigger numbers and more zeros. Furthermore, now the Chinese own us. We enact this nonsensical budget and we might as well give them the whole thing – the Statue of Liberty, McDonald’s and Apple Computer. No backsies. They can have Steve Jobs’ next iPad extravaganza in Shanghai. They build everything over there already anyway.

But unfortunately this is no joke. The passing of this budget is a straight out act of economic insanity. Everyone knows it. The 217 Democrats who passed it surely know it too. Only they are too corrupt to face it honestly. Shame on them. Shame on them. Shame on them.