Roger L. Simon

Pelosi: The Witch Jumps the Broom

No danger of Nancy Pelosi “jumping the shark.” No self-respecting shark would come within miles of La Pelsoa. No, Madame Speaker is a witch, so she must jump the broom. And jump the broom she did today, winging her way off the reservation with her squadron of flying monkeys by taking nasty swipes at the President for – hold onto your seats – not living up to his campaign promises on health care. (Maybe she can provide some potions from her cauldron to make up for it)

Is this bad for Obama? I think not. It may be one of of the few good things to have happened to him in the last year. If there’s anyone more disdained than Barack Obama at this moment, it’s Nancy Pelosi, who is closed to the least liked American citizen? So maybe this was planned to build sympathy for the President. The next step in this Machiavellian plot would be for Chris Dodd to take a parting shot at Obama when he walks away from his “distinguished” career in the Senate. Better yet, Dodd could offer a couple of weeks gratis at the soon-to-be-former Senator’s Irish vacation cottage. Then Obama could decline because “That would be wrong.” [Where have we heard that before?-ed. Oh, you know.]