Climategate... Healthcare... Stimulus... Thank God, for Tiger Woods (and Christmas)!

Lucky Obama once more. Media and we poor humans (their consumers) being what we are – the Tiger Woods scandal has sucked the air out of everything. I have even been transfixed, weak-willed fellow that I am. (Well, if not transfixed, at least curious).


And what timing. The Climategate scandal continues to metastasize, the Senate majority leader makes sub-neanderthal statements on healthcare and now the Secretary of State is looking as corrupt as, well, your average Chicago politician, revealing the stimulus plan to be what many feared it to be – some government-run version of insider trading.

Although the MSM is loathe to admit it, the entire Obama program and administration has turned into a clown show in less than a year. And let’s not even talk about the unconscionable, immoral silence on Iran. Thank God for Tiger Woods (and Christmas) indeed!

But despite it all, the good news is that American people (hey, that’s us) are waking up – and rather rapidly, if you think about it. With ninety percent of the media lined up in Obama’s corner (okay, that’s diminishing), according to the polls, the people have done an about-face and are marching off in the other direction. Is the Commander-in-Chief listening? He claims to be “above the polls.” As we used to say, “tell me about it.”


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