Climategate: Terrified Liars of the UN

Rajendra K. Pachauri – chair of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – sounded as if he was auditioning for Saturday Night Live when he said Sunday:


“The processes in the IPCC are so robust, so inclusive, that even if an author or two has a particular bias it is completely unlikely that bias will find its way into the IPCC report,” he said.

“Every single comment that an expert reviewer provides has to be answered either by acceptance of the comment, or if it is not accepted, the reasons have to be clearly specified. So I think it is a very transparent, a very comprehensive process which insures that even if someone wants to leave out a piece of peer reviewed literature there is virtually no possibility of that happening.”

Say what? Okay, Rajendra, it is so, if you think so, as the great Pirandello once said. Or “Right You Are, If You Think You Are,” as the play is alternatively translated. No matter that we know that the original climate data has all been deep-sixed. Keep thinking what you’re thinking. Or saying what you’re saying. Or something.

Actually, I’m beginning to have some sympathy for these UN scientists, creepy as they may be. They are certainly having the rug pulled out from them at the worst possible moment. Now anything could happen. Little did poor Rajendra know that his quote would end up on the top of Drudge and make him look, without parody or comment, like a self-serving bureaucratic hustler. At least that’s not as bad as the UN’s previous scandal – Oil-for-Food Programme – when several indictments were forthcoming.


Here’s a thought. From now on, when there’s something to research of true scientific importance, let’s keep it as far away from the UN as possible. We might also want to put all findings on the Internet, so the real United Nations of Human Beings can evaluate them. Oh, I forgot. Pachauri tells us their process was “very transparent.” Note the “very” – the true sign of a liar. When something is transparent, it doesn’t need qualification. It is – or it isn’t.

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