Roger L. Simon

Crashergate: What if my Facebook friends all came for Thanksgiving?

Look, this is not an open invitation – although “Happy Thanksgiving to All!” – but the amusing/frightening thought that some of (all?) my Facebook friends could show up for Thanksgiving occurred to me while reading the report of crashers at the White House state dinner. Talk about pouring more water in the soup – I currently have 2,257 FB friends. That’s not to brag. The likes of Sean Hannity has 15,520. (Lou Dobbs, by comparison, has 932 – not too strong if he really is planning on running for President.)

Still if I did put up a tent and invite all my FB friends (not that I have room for such a tent) how many of them would I recognize and, more importantly, how many of them would actually come? Well, I guess that would depend on what we were serving. I hear the price of Screaming Eagle cabernet has come down in the recession.

But kidding aside, I think we all know 2009 is an uneasy Thanksgiving. Even so, most of us have our family and friends to be thankful for. And the amazing bounty of nature, who or whatever we think is responsible for it. And speaking of that bounty, recent events – a download from some university servers – have reminded us that that bounty is not in as much danger as some would have us believe. That’s good news for Thanksgiving 2009.

Good news for me personally is, yes, all those Facebook friends. I am thankful to all of you. It’s rather amazing to me, because such recognition never came from my novels or screenplays. It is thanks entirely to a group effort – to Pajamas Media and PJTV. I know all of us who work on those closely tied endeavors would like to wish every one of our readers and viewers a Happy Thanksgiving. Let’s have fun in the holiday season and work our heads off for our ideals in the coming year.