Roger L. Simon

ACORN: Jerry Brown's new Medfly Scandal?

As readers know I am “longtime Californ'” and, yes, I have bumped into Jerry Brown personally on a few occasions and I have to say Jerry is one of the more interesting politicians I have ever met. He sometimes thinks out of the box and has interests that extend well beyond the political sphere.

But, Jekyll and Hyde, he can also be the most traditional sort of hack pol imaginable and right now – at the very moment he is aiming to reclaim the governorship of the Golden State – he seems to have brought a situation upon himself that could make the famed Medfly Scandal seem like so many gnats at a horse show.

He has made the mistake of tangling – consciously or not – with Andrew Breitbart. Worse yet – over ACORN.

What we know so far: Some bozo named David Lagstein – ACORN’s chief organizer for the San Diego area – made the dim bulb mistake of speaking out loud to a group of Democrats at the very public venue of a Coco’s Restaurant in El Cajon. Someone recorded his statements, including such doozies as Brown is a “political animal” and will find the fault to be “with the people that did the video — not ACORN.” And so forth. For those who don’t know, Brown, as California Attorney General, is supposedly conducting an investigation of ACORN prompted by the videos, which originally appeared on Breitbart’s site. These latest recordings are also available on Big Government. I encourage you to listen, if you haven’t.

On top of this, there is a complication for Brown in the attempt to “kill the messengers” (i. e. blame the clandestine videographers) for the bad news here. One of the Attorney General’s own spokesmen has just been accused himself of secretly recording interviews with journalists. But no matter. Even if this were not true, the attempt to blame the videographers is pathetic, since they didn’t for a second make up the horrifying revelations about ACORN available on who knows how many videos about the organization. ACORN and its personnel did that to themselves. Apparently the Attorney General was already questioned about this growing scandal on the radio, but avoided answering. (I didn’t hear it.)

So, hello Jerry Brown. History knocks. Who are you? Are you a man of courage able to think out of the box? Or a party hack? Surely, you of all people understand that organizations like ACORN, even leaving aside their potential enabling of child prostitution, are far more destructive than helpful to the people they are supposed to aid. They are part of the problem, as we used to say, not part of the solution. What are you going to do, Jerry? Who are you going to be? The citizens (and voters) of California are waiting.