Roger L. Simon

Selective Truth Tellers of The Atlantic

Thanks to the dutiful AtlanticWire for informing us that ACORN Takes Some Mainstream Heat – although when you delve into the article (via Instapundit) you discover that the mainstream being referred to is largely the conservative New York Post and the conservative blog Hotair. But so much the better.

Sad to say, however, that missing from this orgy of praise for truth-telling by AtlanticWire writer Heather Horn is any reference to a scandal that affects her parent publication more directly. Not one word about The Atlantic’s well-known blogger who seems to have gotten special legal dispensation when busted for pot this summer. In fact, there’s been not one word from the blogger himself eitherto my knowledge.

Now I admit this scandale is nowhere near ACORN level and I also admit I am no one to talk, having experimented with more drugs than said blogger may even know exist (I’m from a different generation – you can read about it here). But it’s an “equal protection” thing, not a “controlled substance” thing, in the end. And I wouldn’t be surprised, Godfather, that the people who have been protecting ACORN all these years are closely related, kissing cousins anyway, to the folks who helped the blogger who was panicked his joint-smoking would cost him his potential US citizenship or working papers or whatever. As Ron Radosh points out in the link above, this is a blogger who makes it a habit of bloviating about how we’re all equal before the law (except him perhaps). So where is the vaunted Atlantic on that? As of now, as they saying goes, they can “dish it out,” but they can’t take it.

UPDATE: From Sullivan:”’s clear and binding legal advice that prevents me from commenting. I’m sorry about this, it’s frustrating for me, but I hope readers understand.”

Well, I’ll leave it there, even though I’m not sure what “binding legal advice” means.