Roger L. Simon

Healthcare: Answering Olympia's question

From today’s Politico via Instapundit: Olympia Snowe, it seems safe to assume, is following the health care debate a bit more closely than the average American.

So it is saying something that the Maine senator — a key figure in health care negotiations — admits she is stumped by the task of crafting a simple explanation for legislation of mind-numbing complexity.

“If anybody can give me an easy, 30-second solution to this multitrillion-dollar problem, be my guest,” said Snowe, a moderate Republican.

Well, I’ll give it a try… Junk it! [That’s about a 2-second solution.-ed. I told you I was good.]

Now here’s a second idea. Study up on the Dutch Healthcare System. They mandate health insurance, but only through private insurers, making it competitive, not state run. Outside of the military, the government doesn’t do much of anything well – for which we all have plenty of recent evidence. Why trust it with anything as complex as health insurance?

That took about five more seconds…. Okay, next. [You’re very cocky today.-ed. No, just busy.]