Roger L. Simon

Poliwood: Recession hits Hollywood - Working stiffs lose jobs but producers don't care

The latest Poliwood – on the recession hereabouts – but I haven’t posted about it because of some tech problems hereabouts. But it came out decently because the crew went out and shot some b-roll of my decimated neighborhood while I was back East. Part of the decimation was and is a particular condo development on LaBrea near Hollywood Boulevard which was originally trumpeted as the new chic address at three million for a pied a terre and now sits unfinished like some run down resort on the road to Ensenada.

Lionel and I talk about how production is deserting Hollywood, even though the dollar is weak. This, of course, is no big deal to the above-the-line talent (producers, writers, directors, actors) who can work anywhere. It’s the working stiffs who suffer. But so it goes in “liberal” Hollywood. You can see our show here.