Roger L. Simon

PJTV in Honduras: CNN and Chavez on alert

I just got off Skype video with Chris Burgard – documentarian of Border and currently PJTV’s Man in Honduras. (Video here.) Chris just arrived in Tegucigalpa last night after a stormy ride from San Pedro Sula. He had to fly into Honduras’ second city because the airport in the capital was closed after the recent attempt by former president (or president – depending on your leanings) Mel Zelaya to land the other day. Zelaya says he is the victim of a coup and has considerable sympathy in our media

But, apparently, things are not what they seem from that media in the Central American country where, Chris tells me, everything is upside down. But let’s begin with something that is more like the same old, same old: According to Chris, the campesino-on- the-ground refers to CNN Español as the Chavez News Network. I am not surprised, having read this post from La Gringa’s Blogcito: “As crazy as this may sound, CNN is using feeds from Hugo Chávez’s Telesur network. Telesur have stooped to using a Zelaya impostor in a supposed phone-in interview with the Telesur reporter.”

Meanwhile, Burgard is hearing one of CNN’s major commentators from Honduras is the daughter of two leading Nicaraugan Sandinistas. Chris is in the process of checking this out, but CNN’s record in the Middle East (remember Eason Jordan) indeed raises suspicions. Chris further told me that Honduras’ El Heraldo is headlining Chavez’s heavy military involvement in their country. An online interview in El Heraldo with lawyer and security expert Mario Barrios details the Venezuelan strongman’s battle plan, which Chavez called “enjambre de abejas” or bee swarm.

That same campesino-in-the-street, Chris informs PJTV, is resolutely opposed to “communismo” à la Nicaragua and Venezuela and will resist violently if it is imposed from the outside. The Obama administration, however, is evidently taking a different tack. Just as it has in Iran, our government is pushing negotiation with the leftist Zelaya and his “continuismo.”