Roger L. Simon

Roddick vs. Federer - incredible!

I don’t blog about tennis, although it is the only sport I play and have since about the age of seven. I still get out there about three times a week. So I woke up this early this morning for the Wimbledon finals, about six AM Pacific.

WHAT A MATCH! It’s now 12-12 in the fifth set. Neither of these guys deserves to lose. They should just call it a draw and give both the trophy. The level of tennis is extraordinary. It’s the longest finals in Wimbledon history in games played. Wow!

UPDATE: Well, someone has to lose – and it was Roddick. I’d love to see Andy win it some day. He played magnificently. I’ve been a special fan of his since earlier this year he chose not to defend his title in Dubai when the racists who run that tournament refused to grant a visa to Israeli player Shahar Pe’er. Stand up guy.