Roger L. Simon

C'mon, baby, drive my (mini) car: Two cheers for Obama's emission plan

I support our now-not-so-new President’s new auto emission plan for a reason that has not, to my knowledge, appeared in his administration’s boiler plate. No, it’s not fear of increasingly mythological global warming. I’m not the slightest worried about that. It’s not even pollution, although I believe pollution to be a serious matter. Every day I look out of my Los Angeles window and thank the goddess (and Richard Nixon!) that the skies are not as pea green as they used to be and that I can actually take a deep breath in my back yard…. No, it is a more truly global reason – the unfashionable Global War on Terror. If we’re serious about opposing the mullahs, Chavez and the rest of the fascistic, religio-fascistic oil racketeers and their terrorist compadres, the least we can do is give up our gas guzzlers unless absolutely necessary. Otherwise, we’re not serious about it. And increasingly – we’re not. So call it the Law of Unintended Consequences, but that’s my reason for backing Obama on this one, even if it has little or nothing to do with why he did it. (And, yes, you can nitpick this to death – but the psychological reality of this gesture is more important.)