Roger L. Simon

UCSB's anti-Semitic idiot is an answer to our economic woes

Many people today have emailed me about the current uproar surrounding (tenured!) University of Santa Barbara professor William I. Robinson (this link via Glenn). It seems this advanced thinker has compared the Holocaust to the Israeli incursion in Gaza (yawn). It’s not worth a second to deal with the logical absurdity of this. I have a simpler solution:

Close UCSB.

I’m serious.

Well, half serious…. Close everything but the necessary subjects: science, math, foreign languages, etc. Dispense with all the nonsensical propaganda. Sociology – what’s that? (This dude is a professor of sociology.) Yes, I know – Max Weber, Durkheim, etc., blablabla… But what is sociology really? Anything you couldn’t pick up in a back issue of National Geographic coupled with a little web surfing? I sincerely doubt it. If the likes of William I. Robinson (yes, I know he’s Jewish) wants to spew his shopworn marxist bilge circa 1966, he can do that on Huffington Post, assuming they’ll take him. Failing that, he can start a blog. In fact, he already has. (Sorry, comments are not enabled, but he does have a Flickr page.) What do we need to pay him +/-200 grand a year for? (based on estimates from 2004 yet) Think of the money we could save!

Arnold Schwarzenegger, are you listening? You’ve been swearing for months you’ve been bending over backwards to cut the bloated California budget and here’s your solution served up on a silver platter. I bet there are several thousand – maybe even tens of thousands – of these clowns all over the UC system.

Speaking of which, you parents – UC tuition is hovering around 9 thousand for in-state students, with out-of-state pushing 30K, not to mention living expenses. Is this a rational amount to pay to be educated by William I. Robinson? Time for a little Tea Party action perhaps? [Isn’t the tuition three times that at private institutions?-ed. Alas. With the same professors? Alas. Then what we do? Screw the Tea Parties. Drink gin.]