Roger L. Simon

No Tea Party sightings at CNN online and other curiosities of the mainstream media

A quick perusal of main MSM websites underscores why I’m getting up early this morning to head down to PJTV for our day-long Tea Party coverage. Neither the CNN nor the Yahoo News websites (the latter being the biggest news purveyor on the web) have one headline on their front page this morning (5:47AM Pacific) about today’s Tea Party demonstrations across the country, although CNN does have a video “Lindsay Lohan looks for love online” and Yahoo has news of a new orangutan population in Indonesia. [What? You have something against orangutans?-ed. You’re up early.]

Tea Parties? Never mind.

Does this mean there is an MSM conspiracy against the Tea Parties? I don’t know. I rather think there’s confusion and ambivalence. A good story is to be had, but it’s not exactly a story they want to tell. So what to do? We shall see throughout the day. Note to self: as we cover the Tea Parties cross country on PJTV, keep you wall-eye on the MSM to see what they are up to, if anything. Our Tax Day Tea Party Coverage is here.