Roger L. Simon

Does Queen Elizabeth have a sleeping disorder?

…Otherwise how to explain the presence of not one but two Obama stemwinders – his inaugural address and his 2004 Dem convention speech – on the iPod with which Mr. and Mrs. POTUS just gifted Her Highness . Can’t you just picture it? Elizabeth alone, tossing and turning in her giant Anastasia-like bed [What? No Philip?-ed. Maybe in 1947.] unable to catch a wink, when she bolts up, ringing the bell for the night servant who rushes in:

“The royal Ambien, mum?”
“No, Jeeves… or is it Giles… the bespoke iPod.”
“Ah, the Inaugural again, Your Highness.”
Jeeves… or is it Giles… races off past the barking corgis, returning almost instantly with the bespoke iPod on its silk cushion, already queued to Obama’s lengthy address.
“That new American President… what’s his name… is so considerate,” says Elizabeth, stuffing in the ear buds all by herself before dropping off almost immediately to the soundest of sleeps.