Roger L. Simon

Surfin' Safari (and some Hollywood/Poliwood)

I’m no geek but… [Please don’t start with those jokes about playing one on TV.-ed. Okay, okay.]… but I have downloaded Apple’s new Safari beta web browser. [You are a loyal vassal of Lord Steve.-ed. Exactly… and he’s not well now.] They are billing it as the fastest browser on the ‘net and, so far, I think it is. It appears to rocket along. I’d be interested in the experience of readers. There are the usual Apple bells and whistles – fancy cover art, etc. – but the speed is thing, at least for me.

On a completely different topic, yesterday Lionel Chetwynd and I recorded a Poliwood on a more serious subject than usual – the visit by our fellow Academy members (several of whom we know) to Iran. It’s being edited today for posting on Friday. We had our first guest – Iranian-American filmmaker Ardeshir Arian, who knows many of the players over there. We speculate on the timing/efficacy of this trip and what it means. Not surprisingly, Lionel and I are skeptical, but check it out on Friday. On a much less serious note, our Oscar predictions turned out to be not-too-shabby. Perhaps that’s the reason PJTV subscriptions are up. [Oh, please! It’s because they’re only five bucks now. Three dollars for students.-ed. Stop making sense.]