Roger L. Simon

Blacklisting myself on "Blacklisting Myself" - or something like that

A couple of weeks ago I did a rather extensive (55 mins, I think) interview on Blacklisting Myself for BookTV (the After Words show). Armstrong Williams was the interviewer and he did an exceptional job, in my view. [Does that mean he only threw softballs?-ed. Not completely. He got into a subject I don’t like talking about all – religion… or my lack thereof.] The first ten minutes or so have now been uploaded by CSPAN to YouTube and can be found here. For the rest (including the religious part) you have to go to the CSPAN site and pay for it (alas, costs more than the book!). You can, however, also get a free podcast version. That’s a full hour. [Perhaps that’s only for your mother.-ed. She’s a little hard of hearing.]