Roger L. Simon

Hollywood, William Goldman and The Stimulus Plan

We’ve all heard about the connection between H’wood and DC and heard the endless jokes (“Washington is Hollywood for ugly people”… badda-bing, badda-boom), but being in the nation’s capital for a few days on my book promo tour, I have been struck by a more disturbing parallel: William Goldman’s famous apothegm about the movie business – “Nobody knows anything” – seems to apply equal well to our government. And that’s all well and good for H’wood (it’s only entertainment, after all), but this is the fate of our nation – even the world. Sad to say but…

“No one knows anything” about the trillion-dollar stimulus plan. Now that’s scary.

A kind of depressed panic – if that makes sense – seems to have overtaken this city. Not a person I have met seems to have confidence in anything, except that everything is a mess. I haven’t heard one word about “Hope” and “Change” around here, but it may be I’ve been talking to the wrong people. To be honest, I hope that’s true.