Roger L. Simon

Malvolio Obama

One thing we already know about Barack Obama – the guy’s no upper. He’s sort of the opposite of the experience I had on Red Eye last night (I was on for the old book promo game) where Gutfeld & Company are determinedly up at all times, out to top each other with one-liners. I prefer that approach, even when I’m the guy who ends up with the cream pie in his kisser.

Obama, Geithner, et al, should get over their moaning and groaning. We all know that life is hard, we’re all going to die some day and the economy is somewhere South of Ecuador with half the GNP of a marine iguana. Okay, fix it. Well, at least the latter (can’t do much about the other two). But enough with the Malvolio act. And talk about transparency, that is transparent – it seems all Barack is up to is making sure that if things are still bad in two years we don’t blame him. Not very statesmen-like or very good for the economy. [You’re just jealous he called on the Huffington Post at the press conference and not Pajamas Media.-ed. They didn’t even let us in the door.]