Roger L. Simon

"We open in Venice..." Blacklisting Myself media blitz begins, but will it sell?

Today is (finally) publication day for my first non-fiction book – Blacklisting Myself: Memoir of a Hollywood Apostate in the Age of Terror. The books are (also finally) in stock at Amazon (those who pre-ordered should be getting theirs shortly) and, unlike for my novels, people seem to want me on radio and TV to talk about this book. (With novels, there’s really not much to say beyond “nice plot” or “loved that MacGuffin.”)

So I’m off on a media blitz of sorts today, starting with the Michael Reagan Show (taped, to air 6-7 ET) and then heading down to Hugh Hewitt’s studio in Orange County to do Hugh’s show live Shows (7 ET for a full hour). The next day I’m on the plane to Seattle to do the Michael Medved Show in studio (5PM ET) . I’ll also be doing some local shows in the Northwest before heading to NY and Washington next week where I’ll be on Laura Ingraham, The Mancow Show, Martha Zoller, Jim Bohannon, Lars Larson and Gordon Liddy, among, as they say, many, many others – 24 radio shows as of now. (Note to self: bring lozenges) I’m particularly looking forward to Liddy since he was – as many know – partnered for a bit with Timothy Leary, a sometime friend of mine discussed in the book. (Part of the Leary chapter is currently excerpted on PJM.)

For television, I’m on Greg Gutfeld’s RedEye on Tuesday night and CSPAN’s Book TV (AfterWords) on Wednesday for an hour chat with Armstrong Williams (should be fun). Possibly more,

But will all this whirlwind generate sales? Beats me. I’ve never done anything like it in my life. In my old detective writer days, I’d turn up for a conference or two, maybe do a few signings at mystery stores and that would be about it.

Will I feel humiliated if it doesn’t amount to much? (No, but I’ll need a few martinis.) Will I write again? (Of course, I’m a writer to the core – they’ll have to drag me off kicking and screaming and maybe they will.)