Roger L. Simon

Andrew Bynum - wow!

I used to think (about ten minutes ago) that the Lakers front office was nuts to pay half the French GNP, or whatever it was, to the relatively untested Andrew Bynum. That shows what I know about basketball, even though I have watched the sport for so long I can remember seeing my then heros Harry Gallatin and ‘Sweetwater’ Clifton play for the Knicks.  The games were held in a New York armory then (forget the number) and started around four in the afternoon, so I would catch them after school.  Those were the days people took set shots from the foul line or even tried to convert them underhanded, sort of the way someone with a shoulder injury serves in tennis.  In any case, Bynum is now the man of the hour, playing like an All-Star (according to the LAT), an All-Star who won’t be at the All-Star Game.  Look for him in the next fifteen, the goddess willing.

UPDATE:  Oops… I mean Big Oops!