Roger L. Simon

Oh, that crazy Muammar!

He’s at it again, this time suggesting that Barack Obama should “dialogue” with Osama bin Laden. [Isn’t Ahmadinejad enough?-ed. Evidently not.] Does Gaddafi know something we don’t know, viz. that old Binnie is still alive? Again, evidently not. All Muammar could provide by way of evidence to his Georgetown University audience was A video grab from an undated footage from the Internet show[ing] al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden making statements from an unknown location.

Oh, well. Tant pis, especially since, again according to Muammar, “Osama bin laden is a person who can be given a chance to reform.” Very Christian of him. Love the sinner but hate the sin or something like that. It got me to wondering what kind of “reform” Gaddafi had in mind here. Bin Laden in confession or bin Laden cleans the latrines at a boy scout camp for three summers?

Oh, that rascal-y Libyan strongman – he’s up to his old tricks again, this time also recycling one of his old favorites – Israeltine. That’s the Gaddafi version of the one-state solution with Jews and Palestinians sharing the same territory. [Why do I think this wouldn’t come out fifty-fifty?-ed. Let me guess.] Anyway, not to worry. If this doesn’t work out, the Jews “could move to Hawaii, Alaska or an island in the Pacific,” once more according to Chairman Muammar. “They could live peacefully in an isolated setting.”‘ [I thought that was Rockville Center.-ed. Wise guy.]