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Guest blog: Need support to counter anti-Israel rally, Friday, January 2, 2009, in Westwood, Los Angeles

A  message from Allyson Rowen Taylor of Shariah Finance Watch:

There is going to be a huge anti Israel rally this Friday January 2, at 11 am. in front of the Federal Building in Westwood LA.We need to get the message of support for Israel and Democracy out and bring a huge counter demonstration with signs, flags, and bullhorns.

Now is the time for Jews, Christians, Copts, and all people who have suffered from terrorism and radical Islam to support Israel. I need your help. There will be over a thousand protesters carrying signs that equate the Israeli flag to a Swastika, and calling for the elimination of the Jewish State. We are at war. What will it take for the Jews and others to get up, get out and make sure we have a chance to battle the media war too. We are losing the media war, and all of us are busy.

I have a son on the front lines in the Givati Brigade, He is 22. He is a Sargent Commander of other young men who are his age and younger. We need to show our support to these brave men and women in the IDF who are fighting the battle on the front lines. We need to fight this battle where we live.

These rallies are usually on Shabbat, Holidays, and times when most people cannot attend....on purpose. This is a war, and it trumps all other obligations and I need your help.

Go to www.standwithus.com for the signs

Bring Bullhorns

Bring American and Israeli Flags

Contact Evangelical, Copt, Mormon, Christian and other pro-Israel groups to stand together for democracy and against radical Islam.

Send this on to your email lists, so we create an "email tree" regardless of where you live. This will happen in your city too.

Thank you

Allyson Rowen Taylor

Facebook-Lipstick Haganah