Roger L. Simon

Auto bailout: for once I agree with Chris Dodd

It seems as if Congress is about to vote a 15-billion dollar low-interest transitional bailout loan for GM and Chrysler, an additional amount presumably to come from the new administration. I’m not sure how I stand on this, but I do know one thing: I agree with Chris Dodd that as a contingency of this loan GM’s CEO must go. The argument that the management of the company is none of the government’s business does not hold water when it is the government that is (excuse the metaphor) keeping the business afloat. That’s our bucks being used by the auto companies. We get a vote in how they use it. Their leadership has been execrable. Their leadership must go. And, as a public service, and as an inducement, Dodd should resign along with them. He’s part of the problem too, not part of the solution.