Roger L. Simon

Is being a politician a personality disorder?

It doesn’t appear in the index of the  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders of the American Psychiatric Association, but the DSM is well-known as a “living document” and subject to revision every few years.  I was wondering whether “politician” should be included in their next listings as a category of disorder when I read that Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and others on the Hill had plans to investigate the Bush Administration for numerous alleged offenses during their term in office. (Of course there are other reasons to include politicians in the listings – excessive narcissism, etc.)

Whitehouse et al intend to investigate Bush for malfeasances including the harsh treatment of terror-related detainees and, yet again, the firings by Harriet Miers of certain federal prosecutors.  Never mind that everyone knows the executive branch has the perfect right to make such firings. Whitehouse doesn’t care.  The point is to investigate.

But there is a much more important “never mind.”  Our government already provides us with a corrective for such alleged malfeasances, which are more often than not really policy differences.  It’s called “The Vote.”  And we just had one.  The Democrats won and they get to do whatever it is they want – up to a point.  Yet Whitehouse and his cronies want to continue spending their time and our money investigating and holding hearings on these matters, all this while the global economy is in freefall and we are at war on multiple fronts.  Talk about personality disorders.  How’s that for being out of control of your emotional behavior?….  Or why not put it more simply?  They’re jerks!