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Of course I am "NO on 8"

A few weeks ago several people emailed me to say that my photo was prominently displayed on the Republicans Against Proposition 8 page with a link to a post I had written on this blog about the differences between the major social issues - gay marriage and abortion. I wrote the folks who put up that site that, although I am firmly against 8, I am not, alas, a Republican (despite my recent voting record). I consider myself an Independent and am likely to continue to do so. The organizers of the website graciously removed my picture from their front page.

Still, yet again, I am reminded of my posting on my opposition to the California proposition restricting marriage to a man and a woman by some interesting remarks on the anti-8 campaign advertising posted by Virginia Postrel, also an 8 opponent. In fact, it is my opposition to 8 that will drive me to the poll on November 4. I am more than highly skeptical that my vote for McCain will mean anything in Obamaphilic California. But Proposition 8 appears to be a close call. I'll be there opposing it.