Roger L. Simon

Financial crisis over... if you're a Laker fan!

I suspected this world-depression-armageddon-stock-market-crash-run-on-the-banks-everybody-start-hording-gold-in-your-mattress business was an exaggeration, but I wasn’t sure until I read in today’s LATimes that 99% of Laker season ticket holders have renewed.  That even though rates for all seats have gone up, including a jump to $2500 per game from $2300 for those coveted floor seats. [Do you think Jack can afford it?-ed. I’ll call his agent.]

Am I among those elites on the floor or even among those paying $245 a shot for seats in one of the six lower levels between the baskets?  No such luck. I’ll be one of the “elites” watching the games on KCAL 9 while downing a six-pack of Coke Zero.  I have a daughter to put through college, not to mention a greyhound that eats his fair share of kibble. But if you guys get on the stick and snatch up, say, twelve million of these, I might have a shot at getting to a game or two.  In the short run, however,  I’ll be hunkering down with my collection of old Bing Crosby hits.